While Paul Westerberg once sang, “I’m in love and urine trouble”, UFC competitor Luke Cummo (poised to meet Luigi Fioravanti later tonight) touts the virtues of the hydration progam known as urine therapy to Newsday’s Katie Strang.

Since embarking on the LifeFood health routine, a vegetarian diet which consists of eating easily-digestible fruits, vegetables, and nuts, routine olive oil flushes to clear bile stones, and urine therapy, the 27 year-old New Hyde Park native is 2-0 against his last two UFC opponents. Both victories came by way of knockout.

“The way I feel training on LifeFood, it gives me such an edge,” Cummo (above, right) said. “There are guys out there doing their steroids and growth hormones and whatever else, but I think what I’m doing is better.”

When Cummo arrives for workouts at strength and conditioning coach Michael Jocson’s home gym in Howard Beach, Jocson puts him through rigorous-timed exercises like resistance wood chops, kettle bells, and sumo dead-lifts. When they finish 30 minutes of circuit work, Cummo and Jocson head into the kitchen and exchange stories of recent recipes they’ve tried while following the LifeFood diet. Cummo boasts about a 60-pound tub of raw buckwheat honey he bought over the Internet, Jocson about a special concoction his wife had recently discovered. Since seeing the effect Cummo’s diet had on his training and temperament, Jocson has tried a less-rigorous version of the diet.

“He was consistently in a better mood. More light and cheery, which is odd for a fighter,” Jocson said.