(we can only hope that some of these members of the Trop’s Walk Of Fame were consulted)

Strangely, the Rangers’ signing of free agent P Bruce Chen wasn’t the biggest story for the St. Petersberg Times’ Marc Topkin.

When the Devil Rays unveil new logos, colors and uniforms for the 2008 season, they likely still will be known by their old name.

Or at least their old last name.

After considering a complete change of identity to mark the end of their first decade, team officials apparently will instead drop the Devil and keep the Rays.

“We haven’t made a final decision, but we are leaning toward the direction of a change in uniform, a change of colors, a change in logo and perhaps a slight modification of the name,” team president Matt Silverman said. “But it’s unlikely we will have a dramatic change in the name.”

That decision represents something of a compromise, allowing the team to maintain what brand identity it has and connections, such as with the new rays tank while exorcising the devilish connotation that some find objectionable.

“We’ve integrated fan sentiments, results from focus groups and surveys into this,” Silverman said.