Two of the top players from forgotten Big Sky champion/Kansas victim Portland State have been accused of beating on a man in Cabo, and it’s not a pretty story:

Two sources told The Oregonian that [center Scott] Morrison (above) attacked Kyle Meagher, 23, of Lansing, Mich., early Saturday between two bars, El Squid Roe and The Zoo, in Cabo San Lucas. The attack allegedly occurred hours after Meagher (pronounced MAH-her) turned Morrison and [guard Jeremiah] Dominguez away from a VIP room he was overseeing as part of his work with a company called Horizon Tours.

“You couldn’t do damage like this with a baseball bat — it’s worse,” said Alejandro Rojas, general manager of Balboa World Class Clinic, the hospital where a cabdriver took Meagher afterward. Rojas said that it was unclear what beyond fists may have been used in the attack but that upon arriving, the 6-foot, 170-pound Meagher’s lower jaw was broken in several places. He was choking on blood from severe internal bleeding.

Family members said Meagher told them he passed out before hitting the ground and was left bleeding in the street after the attack.

In three-plus hours of surgery, doctors put eight screws and two titanium plates in Meagher’s jaw, Rojas said. On Tuesday afternoon, he was conscious, in stable condition and wanted to go home to Michigan. Rojas said Meagher would be released early today and allowed to fly home.

“He will need a month to recover and will not be able to chew anything hard, like meat, for a year. For the next month, his food has to be blended.”

In an otherwise forgettable column that purports to be about individual accountability but still blusters about Mexico and spring break culture (“in the last decade it’s turned into a “Girls Gone Wild” video, mixed with one of those true-crime shows, all put to loud music and held on top of a bar in a mixed martial arts ring”), award-winning O scribe John Canzano skewers the 6’11”, 250-pound player’s on-court heart with an audacity that I can’t help admire (though if he doesn’t have to be in the same room as Morrison again until November, that would blunt the impact somewhat).

Maybe you’re wondering how Morrison, a wimp as a player, could become the perpetrator of a violent crime. Maybe you’re having a difficult time wrapping your head around the idea of a meek player, who was unwilling to throw an elbow on-court, crossing the border and going haywire.

Guess that also explains why the B.C. native didn’t opt for hockey.