Prior to an intense discussion about the new Pearl Jam single yesterday afternoon, WEEI’s Dale Arnold (left) and Michael Holley (right) shifted through a pile of abusive email from listeners.

One such missive, accused Holley of being “a communist.”

Holley calmly explained that he wasn’t, in fact, a communist.

Arnold: Why do you give these people the time of day?”

Holley: You’ve got to be true to yourself, that’s all I’m saying.

Arnold : If someone wrote in calling you a pedophile, you wouldn’t bother to respond, would you?

(uncomfortable silence)

Holley : I’m not touching that one.

And from there, it was a quick segue into a roaring argument between Arnold and a caller about the best way in and out of Foxboro’s back roads.

When you figure that this might be one of the more listenable programs on WEEI, perhaps it is time to reconsider whether or not all broadcasting ought to be turned over to the state.