If the average schmoe takes to a message board to opine that Amanda Palmer’s music sucks donkey dick, there’s not much cause for a news alert in what’s left of rock media. If a public figure like Steve Albini takes issue with Palmer, however (even in a setting prone to such give and take like say, a recording studio’s user forum), the cynical fucks in rock blogdom know there’s easy traffic to be gained by making it appear as if Steve had his invisible publicist send out a press release “savaging” Amanda Palmer.

Likewise, if I were to tweet that Citi Field has all the ambiance of a Bill Popp & The Tapes gig (ie., none), few would notice.  But when the same observations are made by the last man to manage the New York Mets to a World Championship, you can fucking bet I’m cutting and pasting that shit faster than you can type “intense levels of hypocrisy”.  From CBS New York :

In town this week with his first-place Washington Nationals, manager Davey Johnson couldn’t help but notice the difference between then and now.

“Citi Field is like a morgue here,” Johnson told 106.7 the Fan on Wednesday. “I remember when I was here, we had 50,000 packed in Shea.”

Johnson’s club would later complete the three-game sweep, adding to the post-All-Star-break misery of the Mets.

And while fans haven’t exactly been heading out to Nationals Park in droves, Johnson insisted the juice is there for his team.

“Let me tell you, I love our ballpark, man,” he said. “The fans have been outstanding. I mean, they’re into it. It’s great. I’ve seen a big change since I’ve been there. … I really like the fans. I love the ballpark.”

Thru 70 home games, the Mets are averaging 28,515 paid.  Conversely, the Nations rank 14th in the majors with an average paid attendance of 29,688.  Granted, there’s undoubtedly a good number of Mets tickets that aren’t being used.  But when the red hot Nats can’t outdraw the non-contending Rockies or Twins, perhaps Johnson ought to think twice before mocking another franchise’s plight.   Sure, I bring up the grim scenes at Citi Field on an almost daily basis, but I reserve the right to manufacture all sorts of outrage when Johnson echoes my sentiments.