I’m no expert in promotional video production, but the above clip certainly beats Jon Kitna promising the Lions will win 10 games. The Pride Of Detroit‘s Sean Yullie takes a somewhat more severe tact, describing the spot as “total garbage”.

After a small highlight package airs with some stereotypical dramatic music and the catcphrase “Do you believe in now?” is put on the screen, Rod Marinelli is shown and talks about how it’s all about right here right now.  If the Lions were looking for an honest answer from their fans regarding the catchphrase, I believe most of us would say “no.”  I would believe in now but the Lions simply haven’t given me a reason to.

So, my advice to the Lions is that if they are having trouble selling season tickets thanks to their increase in prices and the failing economy, they ought to come up with a better commercial.  And if they can’t do that, well they at least ought to come up with a better catchphrase, because I laugh everytime I hear it.