Though his account has since been deleted, MetsmerizedOnline reader Salty Gary has helpfully collected some of the more inflammatory tweets from serial troll @DanXTanna, aka Aryn Leroux of West Haven, CT, who was arrested yesterday and charged with making threats towards Mets ownership and management.

Tanna: “tomorrow is Friday the 13th… lets get a gang of us to wear Jason Vorhees masks to Citi-Field and go skin us a GM-Owner-Manager”

Tanna: “think of it… it would be the lead story on CNN…. #mets fans kill the team owner-gm-manager. before they kill us #selfdefense”

Tanna: “what are some good ways to dispose of Wilpon-Alderson-Collins any ideas?”

Tanna: “there will be a blood bath at Citi-Field tomorrow night”

Tanna: “no #mets fan will get out alive if you have on a 7 Line t-shirt… Jason Vorhees doesn’t care for plump plums”

While I deplore Mr. Leroux’s ugly Twitter outburts, I am very hopeful Zach Galifianakis considers the part meaty enough when the inevitable “Law & Order : SVU” episode is penned.