During his brief NBA tenue T-Wolves F Michael Beasley has racked up an impressive list of public relations missteps. “Two sides to every story / somebody had to stop me,” wrote John Lydon in 1978, and for Beasley that someone was S&S Associates. CBS Sports’ Ben Golliver reports the publicity firm is rather quick to dissociate themselves from the former Gator.

Back on Oct. 21, news broke that Beasley had hired S&S. On Wednesday, a representative for the the firm issued a terse statement saying that S & S Associates no longer represented Beasley, who first contracted its services on Oct. 10.

“Please be advised that S&S Associates is no longer affiliated with Michael Beasley,” the statement read. “Please refer all inquiries to ‘Shooter’.”

Shooter’s email address was listed as “unknown,” although a contact phone number was included.

“We think that Michael is a great kid, and we’re wishing the best for him, but he was just not a good fit for our firm,” S & S Associates’ Tonya Payton told CBSSports.com on Wednesday. “Michael is at the stage in his life and his career where he just needs to take a step back and reevaluate a lot of things in his life.”

In the three weeks since he hired the P.R. firm, Beasley threw an “All-Star” charity game in which all the All-Stars bailed out and said that the ongoing labor negotiations are “kind of retarded.”