From Reuters, Sept. 19 :

Dinamo Bucharest banned women from buying tickets for Wednesday’s soccer derby against Steaua Bucharest for two hours on Tuesday, amid accusations that they were infiltrators from the rival club.Animosity between the two clubs is fierce, with a history of fights in the stands and on the streets, and Dinamo said they feared male Steaua fans had sent wives and girlfriends to buy extra tickets for the derby.

Police intervened to stop a fight when a mobile telephone belonging to one person in the ticket queue at Dinamo played the Steaua anthem as its ring tone.

Dinamo lead the Romanian standings with seven wins from seven matches, four points ahead of second-placed Steaua.

On Wednesday night, Dinamo took the 3 points with a 1-0 victory, the lone goal coming on an injury time strike from Denis Serban.

Though I’ve not seen the highlights on Fox Sports World (I’m too upset over the impending departure of Michelle Lissell), an individual has risked life and limb to capture some footage of the heavy shit going down (link taken from Megafone)