The above headline is supplied by Ben Schwartz, who writes the following, after noting the Cubs have placed Mark Prior and Kerry Wood on the disabled list to start the 2006 campaign ;

The guy from Fire Dusty Baker, who has officially made me the second least forgiving Cub fan alive, picked up on what Paul Harvey likes to call ‘the rest of the story,’ by following up on the Cubs hoped-for Walker for Graffanino trade after it fell through.

“Let me get this straight…

The Cubs tried like hell to trade Todd Walker for Tony Graffanino. The deal could not be closed so the Red Sox put Graffanino on waivers. Now the Cubs can just pick him up, but suddenly they have no intrest in him. This brings up two points:

First, they really are trying that hard to dump Walker, huh?

Second, Hendry really did over-estimate Walker’s value when he re-signed him this off-season by a lot. I mean, the Sox were going to cut Graffanino anyway, and didn’t even want a free player. Wow.”