Earlier today, The Big Lead’s Jason Lisk tackled the sad tale of Albany Times-Union reporter Jennifer Gish, whose musings on the matter of the Buffalo Bills provoked no shortage of ugly replies from the paper’s neanderthal readership.   TBL’s coverage of the case included a headshot of Gish, and after furnishing a series of offensive remarks from the Times-Union, TBL’s regulars — all of whom are too gutless to use their names or provide photographs of their stunning good looks — managed to outdo the upstate contingent when it came to letting the world know they’ve got their own set of serious issues with women.

To quote that great man of letters, Rob K., “a woman is more than a box we all come in.”   Perhaps Ms. Gish can discuss this type of effervescent correspondence with the general public at a future Blogs Without Brains symposium.