There’s no ignoring Texas’ 2nd loss to Kansas in 3 tries, and even if today’s Big 12 title game had a different result, I doubt Texas would’ve been a no. 1 seed. That said, they played 3 of the 4 eventual no. 1 seeds, and were slaughted by one early (Duke) but put a beating on the other two (Memphis, Villanova).

LaMarcus Aldridge picked a heck of a day to have one of his worst games, but better now instead of next week.

If Brandon Rush, Julian Wright and Mario Chalmers (above) stay together for 3 or 4 years, Kansas are gonna be scary good. As it is, they’re mildly scary good.

Next up for the Longhorns is a Friday meeting with Ivy League champs Penn, the winner facing the victor of Cal/NC State next Sunday.

I thought about checking when the last time a Big East Tournament Champ went into the field of 65 as a 5 seed, but I’m developing a dust allergy (and I think some of those boxes in the garage have scary bugs living inside them). I’d like to hear someone on WFAN use that excuse when it comes time to look something up. I realize we have the internet at our disposal, but since they removed the friendly butler from “Ask Jeeves”, all the fun has gone out of search engines.

Hands up, everyone who was certain Ohio State would get by Iowa today and enter the tournament as a no. 1 seed in the midwest. Not that I can see you from here. That’s the Hawkeyes’ Erik Hansen (13 points) shown above. Believe it or not, he was on his feet when that photo was taken.

I realize Gonzaga got a lot of TV time this year, but I’ve never seen anyone look less interested at their pairing (in this case, Xavier) or in being given a chance to jump up and down for Greg Gumbel. Then again, even those who’d like to see Adam Morrison guard someone, just for the sheer novelty of it, surely believe that Gonzaga are worthy of a higher seeding.

Unlike the Zags, the guys from Winthrop haven’t mastered the “been there, done that” reaction shot. And thank god, too, as the presentation of this selection show could really use some spicing up. Maybe Yoni Cohen reading the pairings off a 3X5″ card while being held by his ankles outside a 35th floor window.

A record of 18-11 (9-7 conference) was apparently good enough for Indiana to get in ; they’ll face San Diego State on Thursday. 18-10 was deemed invite-worthy for Seton Hall. Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, so I suppose Louis Orr’s team have gargantuan brains. 8 teams from the Big East, and none of ’em are named Cincinnati.

We might see a North Carolina/Michigan State 2nd round meeting next Sunday. Or a Martian invasion. My money’s on the former, but only because no one is taking action on the latter.