…is really just a cheap excuse to employ the rarely used CSTB topic (and Barbarians homage) “Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl”? From the Guardian’s David Smith :

Caster Semenya, 18, is undergoing a gender test to prove she is female after beating her rivals by a huge margin to win the gold medal in the world championship 800 metres in Berlin.

Family, friends and teachers at her home in South Africa recalled how Semenya played football with boys, wore trousers instead of skirts and endured teasing by her peers. But all asserted that she is definitely a woman.

Jacob Semenya, her father, told the Sowetan newspaper: “She is my little girl. I raised her and I have never doubted her gender. She is a woman and I can repeat that a million times.”

He attacked his daughter’s critics, saying: “For the first time South Africans have someone to be proud of and detractors are already shouting wolf. It is unfair. I wish they would leave my daughter alone.”

The first time South Africans can be proud? Wow, fuck off Neil Blomkamp.