Nope, not “what one particular player might have or might not have done with or to some of his canine friends”, but rather the glory of “the true no. 1 sport in the U.S.” Yes indeed, folks, Roger Goodell (or as the White Lines guys might want to call him for legal reasons, “Roger Goodell”), has made his blogging debut. And like all bloggers, he’s got a long list of things he’s tired of hearing about, and the following is just a slim sample.

Chris Berman, cheerleaders lezzing up in a bathroom, Brett Favre retiring or not, Deion Sanders on the NFL Network, Adam Schefter on the NFL Network, the NFL Network at all, the influence of hip-hop, œThe Super Bowl Shuffle, Rosey Grier doing needlepoint, Jim Marshall™s wrong-way run, Tom Dempsey™s half-a-foot, the œSixth Man trademark controversy, NFL games overseas and in Mexico, the CFL, the Arena Football League, Mark Cuban™s new football league, parity, Matt Millen, Ben Roethlisberger™s motorcycle helmet, the United Way, the new kickoff rules, Kelly Clarkson™s new album, those pictures of Vanessa Hudgens, global warming, or anything having to do with Tiki Barber.