To steal a old David Letterman line, if Jeff Brantley (above) and David Weathers were to battle with machetes, the only certain winner would be the baseball fans of Cincinnati. From’s Mark Sheldon (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

On Sunday, as the Reds dropped their fifth straight game by a 14-7 score, David Weathers was one of the Reds on Radio listeners on WLW-AM. Weathers, who was spending his final day on the disabled list, had finished a workout and was driving home.

During Jeff Brantley’s call of the game with Marty Brennaman, Weathers heard the following:

“I’m not including everybody but there are some guys on this team … if they win, great. If they lose, they could care less,” Brantley said.

Weathers took umbrage that Brantley implied the Reds were quitters.

“Maybe he knows more about the game than we do,” Weathers told TV reporters before the Reds played the Cubs on Monday. “If he does, congratulations, maybe he should come out with a uniform on.”

After the game, Weathers was stunned about the attention his comments received.

“I feel like I’m on ‘The View,’ and I’ve said something to Barbara [Walters],” Weathers said. “I don’t see the big deal with it.

Just for fun — and please, only attempt this if you’re unemployed — try to construct a scenario in which David Weathers might be booked as a guest on “The View”.