(sickening, washed up clown. And on the right, Randy Savage)

The Chicago Tribune’s Ed Sherman
on one radio fixture’s remarks that were so ill-advised, even Steve Lyons was embarrassed.

WMVP-AM 1000 has suspended veteran sportscaster Chet Coppock until Feb. 23 after he made an offensive remark about Jews on his show Feb. 2.

During an exchange with Ben Finfer, Coppock was asked to spell Jewish. He replied, “Money, M-O-N-E-Y.”

After hearing the remark, WMVP general manager Jim Pastor took Coppock, who works weekends, off his show Sunday and will keep him on the sidelines for the next two weekends.

“We’re extremely sorry,” Pastor said. “The comment was offensive and uncalled for. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior from any of our hosts.”

In a statement, Coppock said, “I made an offensive comment I truly regret. It doesn’t reflect my views or those of WMVP. I sincerely apologize.”

Now Coppock. I have known him for a long time, and in no way do I consider him anti-Semitic.

But that’s not the point. He should know better”you simply can’t make offensive jokes on the air, especially in the wake of what has occurred lately. Everyone’s sensitivity level is way off the charts.

How’s this for an off the charts sensitivity level, Ed? Fuck you. Coppock — aside from being painfully unfunny — wasn’t merely offending sensibilities, he was consciously perpetuating an ugly stereotype. You might not consider your pal to be an anti-semite, but his comment was most assuredly anti-semitic.

No one will accuse Sherman of having a sophistication level that is “off the charts” : the implication Coppock’s lack of discretion is a bigger issue than what he actually said is simply put, kind of sickening. The broadcaster would be no less deserving of scorn were his remarks made privately. At least this way, he’s shown his true colors. And apparently, so has one of his apologists.