Boston’s hockey-loving, BBQ devouring closer would love to share his views on a variety of topics, however, baseball isn’t one of ’em. From the Hartford Courant’s David Heuschkel.

Red Sox closer Keith Foulke has rebounded from a shaky start. He hasn’t allowed a run in 11 of his last 13 relief appearances.

“I love Boston. I absolutely love it,” Foulke said.

Except when it comes to answering questions about his health or any subject he perceives as negative.Foulke, who gave up one hit and struck out three in the ninth against Cincinnati Wednesday , has vowed to discuss none of that.

So maybe it was the alcohol talking when Foulke (above) recently told ESPN baseball analyst Rick Sutcliffe over a couple beers that his knee had been bothering him. Foulke (13 saves) was irritated when Sutcliffe mentioned it on the air, accusing him of breaking some sort of code that exists between players.

Foulke was further incensed with a story in The Boston Globe that discussed his health, going so far as to say there’s a “mole” in the Red Sox organization who confirmed he almost opted against arthroscopic knee surgery after last season.

“From what little I read of that story, it’s not what I said. It’s what the Red Sox source says,” Foulke said. “So find out who the source is and go ask them. That’s what I have to say.”

So has he been pitching with a sore knee?

“I don’t talk about my health,” Foulke said. “If I have a serious health issue, I will discuss it. But until that happens, I do not discuss my health, mechanics or how I’m pitching.

I’ll talk about cars, motorcycles, the weather, certain politics, that’s about it, and music. Those are things I’ll discuss the next four months.”

Foulke is under contract through 2006 with a mutual option for 2007.

“It’s very possible that this may be my last year [in Boston],” Foulke said. “Baseball’s a business. I’ve been traded before, and I didn’t expect it.”

Foulke said he doesn’t like being in the paper or on TV, yet he makes a weekly appearance on Boston radio station WEEI.

“That’s fine,” Foulke said. “That’s more answering questions about different things. And I get a free truck. If you give me a free truck, I’ll talk to you more.”

Asked if he still likes closing instead of starting, he said, “I like to pitch. Honestly, what I like about closing, I love the first and 15th [days of the month]. It’s payday.”