Detroit’s Prince Of The Pine, Darko Milicic, as interviewed by Nebojsa Petrovack at Hoops :

Do you think the situation with your playing time in Detroit would improve if Larry Brown doesn™t return to coach the team next season?

DM: I really cannot say anything about that. I really don™t know. I know that Larry Brown is one of the best coaches in the NBA. However, I also know that my situation in Detroit cannot get much worse than it is right now. It seems to me that it can only improve “ with or without Larry Brown as my coach.

How does it feel when the fans call Larry Brown to put you in the game?

DM: I am glad that the fans in Detroit like me so much. They make our home court a real advantage, the one most other NBA teams don™t have. However, it makes me sad that they need to remind my coach to play me. I would rather like if it is the other way around.

OK, now I’m really confused. Larry reminding the fans to play Darko wouldn’t make any sense.