For a New York Mets team whose owners are as fiscally challenged as they are allergic to accountability, the frequent foibles of the recently demoted Jordany Valdespin have provided a welcome distraction from the franchise’s direction (or lack thereof). And while Valdespin initially responded to his banishment to Las Vegas with a profane outburst directed at lamer-than-lame duck skipper Terry Collins, a recent hot tear in the PCL came to an end with Monday’s announcement that Jordany was one of the 13 players suspended by Major League Baseball for something-or-other to do with Genesis (hopefully not version with Peter Gabriel singing).  Rather than viewing Valdespin as a convenient scapegoat for the 2013 season, Bugs & Cranks’ Brad Bortone calls him, “the kind of player I’ve despised in blue and orange since I was old enough to spell ‘PED'”, urging the Wilpons to “give Jordany Valdespin his unconditional release, and let all of the other self(ie)-loving A-ball hotheads know that involvement with nonsense distractions will not be tolerated in this franchise.”  Not until they can hit above the Mendoza Line, anyway.

If my boss told me I had to spend a few months in AAA editor training, I could not call him a “c–ksucker” during a tantrum, and expect to keep my job, no matter how right I may have been.

Likewise, if my career survived the fellatio accusations, and I accepted my demotion to AAA editorial work, you certainly wouldn’t find me standing at my desk, tossing my red pen in the air, while I admired a well-placed semicolon … inciting a cubicle-clearing brawl just a few commas later.

Jordany Valdespin sucks. And his involvement with Biogenesis also indicates how painfully stupid he is, as well. It’s somewhat ironic that he calls himself “JV1? because that’s exactly where his abilities will rank from this point forward.