(above : former publisher Sun Myung Moon, shown lambasting Thom Loverro for his failure to make quota selling flowers by the side of the highway)

Less than a year after eliminating their entire sports section, the deeply conservative, Unification Church-owned Washington Times is preparing to cease publication write the Washington Examiner’s Katy Adams and Nikki Schwab :

DCRTV.com reported Monday that Preston Moon, son of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon who runs the paper, planned to break the news via press release on Friday that he planned to shutter the paper.

In DCRTV’s report, the closure was halted due to a last-minute offer from an unknown bidder to purchase the conservative newspaper. Preston Moon and his family have long been fighting over the future of the former daily. DCRTV’s unnamed source told the Web site that Preston Moon has had it with the paper and isn’t interested in making a deal.

“It is now about showing Daddy Moon who has the bigger cajones,” the source told DCRTV. “If this offer — and it is a reasonable one — is rejected, the paper could close its doors this week, just shy of 30 years in the nation’s capital.”

The source continues, “The paper has large debt load but there is a buyer. Normally, this would be a good thing for a seller. In the zany world of the Moon family, and the son’s disregard for the family’s wishes, it looks like the final edition is imminent.”