…and he doesn’t necessarily mean it unfavorably, either.  While one news organization claims Richie Incognito’s attempts to “toughen up” former Miami teammate Jonathan Martin were encouraged by Dolphins coaches, Two Live Crew founder Luther Campbell (above) takes to the pages of Miami New Times to support the cause of victim-blaming,  “There is a public campaign, supported by the government, to stop bullying,” sneers Campbell.  “It’s the evil buzzword of the moment. It’s almost like pulling the race card.”

The problem with Martin is that he didn’t stand up to Incognito, who it seems didn’t think his teammate had been hazed enough. At some point you have to man up in a football locker room. You are in a situation where dudes are walking around looking at each other’s nether regions to see who has the biggest cock and biggest set of nuts

It’s like prison. There is as always some dude who is going to try another guy who appears weak. Now, everybody — from the sports pundits to the Dolphins front office — are saying the politically correct thing: that Incognito was wrong. This is what happens when the nice guys go get their lawyers or their agents involved.

But none of this would matter if Martin had just put his dukes up. At the end of the day, a fight won’t last more than a few seconds because your teammates will break it up. However, the mere fact the player showed some fight would have been important. That would have squashed it.