(Profiling at the airport is bad enough, but now they’ve started at Shea Stadium as well)

from the Elias Sports Bureau :

Pedro Martinez left Saturday’s start with an 8-0 lead through six innings, only to see the bullpen lose the lead. It’s the fifth time this season that Pedro has left a game in line for a win, only to have the relievers blow the lead; otherwise, Pedro could be sporting a 17-5 record. The only major-league pitcher with as many blown wins as Martinez this season is Doug Waechter (six).

Pedro is now winless in his last five starts, tying his second-longest single-season streak. He also went five starts without a win in 1994 and had a seven-start winless streak in 2001.

It was the third game in Mets history in which they blew a lead of at least eight runs and still managed to win and the first win of that type since Aug. 5, 1993, when they had a 9-1 lead in Montreal, blew it and won 12-9 in 13 innings.

The Mets have still never lost a home game in club history in which they held a lead of seven or more runs.

Of course, if Danny Graves is given a few more opportunities, that record might not stand.

I’m not sure if Elias keeps track of this sort of thing, but does anyone know if MASN’s Ron Darling has ever had something interesting to say?