A day after it was revealed a new radio program, “The Man Cave”, featuring frequent Redskins critic Jason Reid, had been pulled from it’s scheduled debut on Dan Snyder owned ESPN 980, DC Sports Bog’s Scott Allen reports that crosstown competitors, 106.7 The Fan have fired an timely salvo that addresses the situation in a roundabout way :

“Somewhere deep inside his man cave in Potomac, a diminutive billionaire tunes his trusty AM radio to 980 to listen to his favorite sports radio station. The station where he signs the checks and calls the shots. But meddle as he may, Mr. Snyder cannot control the sports discussion in Washington. For there is a station on crystal-clear FM, where fans of all genders and ages can talk freely about the Redskins. Where the Nationals, Wizards and Capitals actually exist. And you found that station. Unbiased, unfiltered, uncensored, sports radio 106.7 The Fan.”