A Boston police spokesperson tells the Boston Herald’s Renee Nadeau that a Red Sox employee was the culprit that stole Wally The Green Monster’s costume earlier today. Of course, please keep in mind the local fuzz haven’t always identified the correct perp.

Police spent part of the afternoon today pursuing Wally the Green Monster around the Hub after receiving a report that the beloved Red Sox mascot had been carried off by a brazen thief today.

The employee took the costume with good intentions, said Zineb Curran, a spokeswoman for the Red Sox. The worker was scheduled to play Wally this weekend and decided to “spread some Red Sox Nation good cheer,” said Curran.

“Wally is safe and sound, it was all a big misunderstanding,” Curran said.

A call came in for a larceny in progress at 2:22 p.m. from an address at the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth streets.

The Red Sox confirmed the costume was missing and police searched the MBTA for Wally. A police helicopter also joined the search as the hunt continued throughout the Hub for Wally.

Though the suspect has not been identified, you don’t have to be Det. Robert Goren to know there’s already someone in Boston’s employ with a habit of donning disguises.