Liverpool 3, West Ham United 3 (currently in added time)

That’s the question posed by John Motson, who’s seen a few of ’em previously. An insane Steven Gerrard volley from some 30 yards on 90 minutes forced the extra session in Cardiff. To say fatigue is a factor going forward is the understatement of the day ; Liverpool have exhausted their subs and both sides are dragggggggging.

Prior to Gerrard’s heroics, West Ham’s Dean Aston was the probable Man Of The Match ; his thru-ball in the 21st minute to Lionel Scaoni contributed to Jamie Carragher’s own goal. Later, he’d tap in a rebound off a Matthew Etherington shot that Jose Reina (having a horrible day) mishandled.

(UPDATE : They’ve just completed the first 15 minutes of extra time)

This crazy match is almost overshadowed by the Scottish Cup climax ; Hearts and Gretna are tied at 1 and are currently in added time. If the latter can add another goal, this will rank as a massive upset. After some 110 minutes of football, both sides seem totally spent.

(UPDATE : Liverpool won on penalties, as did Hearts.   In slightly less glamorous surroundings, Cheltenham are clinging to a 1-0 lead at Wycombe in their first leg of the League 2 playoff semi-finals. Earlier today, a Gary Jones goal gave Grimbsy Town a 1-0 victory over Lincoln, with the 2nd leg scheduled for Tuesday night.)