Sorry, would Shannon Hoon have been more topical? “Shawn Andrews (above, left)  is an enigma wrapped inside a right tackle wrapped around a Pro Bowl guard,” muses the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan, who acknowledges’ Andrews’ history with depression while dropping the following training camp tidbit ;

Two years ago, Andrews missed the entire preseason with an ankle injury. He told reporters he’d gotten bad news from the doctor – a “tearjerker,” he called it – but then started the season opener. Last year, he missed the preseason with his depression issues.

“I would be pretty [ticked] off if I felt a guy was cheating himself or cheating the team,” Andrews said.

No one is wondering whether Peters or Stacy Andrews or Herremans really wants to come back. It is his unique history that has people asking such questions about Shawn Andrews. It doesn’t help that his answers are accompanied by cryptic asides.

“I feel like I’ve done everything but die,” Andrews said of his battle with depression.

He said he sent Reid a text message before camp: “I’m ready to sell out like a Michael Jackson concert” – an odd choice of words given the pop star’s death on June 25.

“I’m at the zenith of my happiness,” Andrews said at one point.