1) LeBron brings the ball to the to the top of the key.

2) LeBron proceeds to walk dribble into traffic, taking on 2, possibly three Celtics on his way to the hoop.

3) LeBron and/or Mike Brown make furious gestures after the former’s shot misses and Boston takes possession.

Much will be said today about the superlative Celtics defense last night, and not without reason. But on an evening in which Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were non-factors, it’s shocking the Cavs were unable to steal a Game One victory. I don’t think Mike Brown is entirely unqualified as a coach, but I lost track of how many times Cleveland was reduced to an ice cold James trying to go one-on-one (or one-on-three) while a quartet of Cavs stood around and watched.

Presumably, Brown figured his superstar would snap out of his funk before the night ended. But when there’s no semblance of ball movement, nor even a hint that someone else might take a shot during the final two minutes, isn’t Boston’s task just a little bit easier?

In the past 72 hours, Kevin Garnett has reemerged as the most important figure in the East, but for all of Doc Rivers’ alleged failings, can you imagine how KG might be neutralized if Boston’s offense consisted solely of inbounds-to-the-Big-Ticket…and watch him create his own shot every time down the floor?