…or the longest half hour of your life?

(the unconvincing father of three)

It took a grand total of 18 minutes before the first funny joke was uttered on Fox’s “The War At Home”, a witless, hamfisted homage to “Married With Children” featuring some of the worst writing this side of the ficticious “Room & Board”. With a deafening laugh track and an excruciating performance by former indie film fixture Michael Rapaport (whom, it should be stressed, has never sucked quite like this before) as the embattled dad, “The War At Home” isn’t merely crass, retarded and predictable ; it amplifies existing shitcom cliches to the point where “Shasta McNasty” seems like a nuanced work by comparison.

Needless to say, the CSTB DVR is set to record next week’s episode.