Earlier this week, Marlins president David Samson disclosed during a radio interview that embattled pitcher Scott Olson was a ) receiving “behaviorial therapy”, and b) potentially an ex-Marlin if convicted of charges he assaulted police last July. And who better to scold a self-righteous twerp like Samson than another blowhard prone to spells of self-righteousness? Olsen’s agent Matt Sosnick was quoted by the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer (link ripped from Sports Frog) :

Calling Samson everything from a ”joke in baseball” to ”a tiny, little miniscule fish in a small pond,” Sosnick didn’t pull any punches when speaking to reporters about the outspoken team president.

”It’s easy to kick somebody when he’s down, and that falls in line with how Samson’s personality is,” Sosnick, Olsen’s San Francisco-based agent, said in a conference call with three beat writers who cover the Marlins.

Among other verbal rips, Sosnick said of Samson:

¢ “David Samson is a joke in baseball, an absolute joke. He is a tiny, little miniscule fish in a small pond. He’s just a big guppy.”

¢ “[Samson] is single-handedly responsible for the Marlins not getting a new stadium because politicians can’t deal with him.”

¢ “It’s not between me and David. It’s between David and the world.”

Samson said Thursday in a phone interview that his comments have been blown out of proportion.

When asked about Sosnick’s comments, Samson said, “Consider the source.”

Y’know, I have considered the source. He sucks, too. The rest of us can consider that Dontrelle Willis is currently employed by Samson’s Marlins and represented by Sosnick. For the D-Train’s sake, I hope one, if not both of those situations change in the near future.