Or as Steve Somers famously refers to him, THE Eddie Scozzare, a WFAN producer/board operator who having cut his teeth providing all manner of analog audio snippets for The Schmoozer’s overnight adventures, now finds himself with the tall task of making Boomer Esiasson and Craig Carton sound good in the digital age (“I don’t know what the life expectancy of an air traffic controller is, but I can’t imagine it’s that long in that job, with people’s lives literally in your hands…obviously if I screw up, no one’s going to die”).  From Newsday’s Neil Best :

There likely is no one alive who could figure out Scozzare’s filing system for the audio “drops” he uses to augment WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” morning show

Scozzare said he uses Suzyn Waldman less often than he used to because listeners enjoy Craig Carton’s impersonation of her so much that “there’s not a need for it.”

How does he keep all this straight?

“I really don’t know the bio-science behind it. It’s just some people can do certain things and they are practiced and trained and it must become part of how their brain works, I guess,” he said. “There are people who can play 50 chess games at once and win, or who can count cards or whatever.

“I just have a skill – and it’s not perfect, by the way. There are many times I don’t think of something or can’t get to the drop in time. And knowing when to pull back and not force it is as important as being able to drop it properly.”