The Human Whoopie Cushion’s Understudy says of a “Souness Out” jpg, “from what I can gather from the above picture, Newcastle coach Graeme Souness is regarded as sort of a British Matt Millen.”

Uh, huh. Let’s break down this interesting analogy.

Matt Millen was an All-American at Penn State, won 4 Super Bowls with 3 different teams, and became a TV commentator before his current tenure as the most hated man in Detroit.

While Graeme Souness’ playing career was glittering enough (3 European Cups with Liverpool along with a myriad of domestic trophies) his track record as a manager is off the charts….while Millen has never been a head coach. Souness’ Rangers side won the SPL 3 times, the Scottish League Cup 4 times, his Liverpool team in 1992 won the FA Cup , a Turkish FA Cup with Galatasary in ’95, he led Blackburn Rovers to promotion in 2000, etc.

Granted, Newcastle are a fucking mess at the moment and Souness is almost certainly a goner. But even if Souness never wins another match in his life, the Millen comparison is just lazy and ignorant.

A Scottish Tom Selleck, however, I’d buy.