“Around The Horn” fixture and former Dallas Morning News scribe Tim Colishaw took valuable time out from from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament today to chat with KZNX’s Chip Brown and Sean Adams about several diverse topics.  On the matter of Rangers skipper Ron Washington, Colishaw insisted Texas needed to “get him out there”, claiming Washington was of unfit character to lead the likes of recovery specialist Josh Hamilton.  Mere seconds later, Colishaw  stated a managerial switch in Arlington “would probably make no difference”, and that today’s “stat geeks” have ready access to all the information Earl Weaver used to have at his disposal.  Presumably this was Colishaw’s way of saying being a big league manager in 2010 was mostly about people skills, but who fucking knows.

Regarding the massive commercial success of the “ATH” franchise, Colishaw spoke of email from oversea viewers who formed their entire impressions of the American sporting sphere from ESPN’s shoutiest program. If such a boast is likely to enrage Tony Kornheiser, rest assured that Colishaw has his former print colleague’s back.  Asked for his views on Kornheiser’s recent suspension, Colishaw derided ESPN for being “too severe”, advancing the argument that “Tony says lots of things about lots of people”.  “Women want to be treated equally,” scoffed Colishaw, who failed to mention any occasion in which Kornheiser mocked a male colleague for not looking sufficiently boneriffic.