…will have to wait, because I’m instead directing you to the aneuryism waiting to happen that is NASCAR.com’s Raygan Swan and her “Need Soap Opera? Check Out The NASCAR Garage”.

(McMurray, back in the garage with his bullshit detector)

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back but Jamie McMurray is bringing the drama back to daytime TV.

The 31-year-old blonde bomber made his soap-opera debut this week on Passions, a campy daytime drama that depicts supernatural adventures between rival families and foes along with the “whose bed have your boots been under” storylines that make every daytime drama a favorite guilty pleasure for all who watch.

Interesting enough, the same ingredients that make shows like Passions popular are some of the same ingredients that make NASCAR one of the most talked about sports on TV.

Like a soap opera, with a dash of reality television, NASCAR is not without family feuds, tawdry trysts and tussles, bouts with drugs and blunders under the covers.

And like a high school cafeteria, the NASCAR garage is where it all starts; it’s where the worst-kept secrets are revealed as soon as they are whispered.

Most industry players will tell you the garage is a real hot bed for gossip and drama; drama for your mama, your sister, your cousin, brother and your uncle, too.

Joe Gibbs Racing driver Denny Hamlin explained why.

“NASCAR can be that way because we all travel together so much and we know so much about each other’s lives,” he said. “You know guys talk about each other when they walk away. It’s not like other sports where there are only two teams on the field.”