The loathesome pair of ex-footballer Alan Brazil and crypto fascist Mike Parry never met an uninformed opinion they didn’t like. Having individually done their parts to ruin morning and afternoon radio on TalkSport, the duo collaborated last year on the former’s autobiography, “There’s An Awful Lot Of Bubbly In Brazil”, a tome When Saturday Comes charitably described as, well, an actual book.

Utterly unfamiliar with the expression, “leave ’em wanting more”, Brazil (above) and Parry are back less than a year later with a second volume, “Both Barrels From Brazil”Losing The Dressing Room surveys the publisher’s synopsis :

“In this sensational new book, one of Britain’s favourite broadcasters details the thoughts and philosophies that have shaped his life. ‘We’re only here for a visit’ is one of the Scottish firebrand’s most determined mantras. Why worry about tomorrow when today can be so much fun. And if anybody tries to get in the way of the action, swat them away. Politicians? Forget it. They’re in it for their own ends, not to improve our lives, according to the former Scottish football international who now addresses, in his own inimitable style, more than a million loyal talk “Sport” listeners each weekday morning. Traffic wardens, ticket collectors, life-style ‘experts’ and a whole truckload of other ‘jobsworths’ are in Brazil’s sights in this very funny follow-up to the bestselling ‘There’s an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil.'”

Politicians, ticket inspectors and traffic wardens? Good to see he’s going for the difficult targets. We especially like how he’s put lifestyle coaches in among jobsworths, as if they go door to door or wielding clipboards in city centres subjecting innocent passers-by to unwarranted advice on achieving your goals and ambitions.