Tampa hurler David Price (above) is just one of the Rays rookies taking part in the club’s annual rookie hazing ritual — apparently, Price was forced to grow a beard and wear sunglasses. The Vanderbilt product’s ensemble is reportedly the handiwork of journeyman catcher Greg Zaun, the former Blue Jay having dropped $1500.00 of his own loot on a selection of dresses. Walkoff Walk’s Rob Ircane writes, “it’s quite obvious that Zaun ‘hung on to the stuff because of the financial implications and not because he has any bizarre personal fetishes.”

With all due respect to Mr. Ircane, wearing women’s clothing is hardly a “bizzarre personal fetish”. For starters, many ladies enjoy wearing such items. In addition, the practice of transvestitism is very much in the American mainstream, with enthusiasts including (but not limited to) the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, former Mets sensation Lastings Milledge, sportswriter Jay Mariotti and VMA winner Lady GaGa. And possibly a large percentage (I’m guessing 80%) of this blog’s readers (and contributors).