(above : not Johan Santana)

From all the talk this spring of Mets P Johan Santana’s less than stellar physical condition, you’d think the 34-year-old —- called “my hero” less than a year ago by skipper Terry Collins — had shown up at Port St. Lucie resembling the late Mel Turpin.  On Wednesday, Santana and GM Sandy Alderson declared a truce of sorts, but in the considered (well, correct) view of Faith & Fear In Flushing’s Jason Fry, it’s all too predictable for this ballclub.

As a veteran observer of Metsian misbehavior, it seems to me that this ballclub could get better results by realizing it’s not only ineffective but also deeply embarrassing to give players a good Walter Reeding periodically instead of having conversations behind closed doors like normal people. But since the air has been cleared, let’s not re-fog it — we can revisit this when Ike Davis or Ruben Tejada or Matt Harvey or someone else crosses some perceived line and needs to be publicly abused by “sources.”