So what are we to make of the New York Daily News’ Andy Martino claiming the Mets have offered David Wright a 7-year extension, “well in excess of $100 million”, followed some hours later by Wright pouring cold water on the report? It would hardly be the first time in recent memory the club’s version of events differed from that of a player or his agent. And the timing is certainly fortuitous, with Metsradamus deeming it “absolutely hysterical”, that said offer created a mild stir less than a day after the Rays locked up Evan Longoria.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t think that the Mets just started putting together offers Monday afternoon. But I do think it’s funny that this gets leaked the day after Longoria happens. And I realize that I come off as a conspiracy theorist here. But think about how much the Mets have based their decisions on fan reaction and public relations, and then tell me that it isn’t at least a little bit possible that the Mets organization intentionally floated this red herring.

Red herring or not, I hope this does lead to something significant. Preferably a press conference re-introducing David Wright as the face of the franchise until his retirement. If it leads to a rejection and a subsequent trade, so be it. It’s better than what seems to be the Mets usual course of action, which is to do nothing and then bemoan outside circumstances and convince us that they gave it the ol’ college try. So forgive me for being a pessimist until there’s a resolution.