Anaheim’s Chris Pronger somehow managed to avoid suspension after getting stomptastic on the leg of Vancouver’s Ryan Kessler Thursday evening, a situation that has former Islanders troublemaker Chris Simon curious about double standards.  From KSTB’s Ryan Kibbe :

An incident like this almost begs for the league to take action, but when your name is Chris Simon, that’s what happens. The Wild forward got a 30-game suspension for stomping on Jarkko Ruutu’s leg back when Simon played with the Islanders last year. Not to mention, another 25-game suspension for slashing the Rangers’ Ryan Hollweg in the face the year before. So Simon knows all about league action. Today, he just wonders where the justice is with Pronger.

That’s the way it seems. You know you guys can decide for yourselves and do your jobs. That’s all I can say. I don’t know what other people are thinking but it would be nice to have things treated fairly. I don’t think, in that instance, it’s fair at all,” Simon said.

“It’s more disappointing. I can get the amount of games that I get for the players never missing a shift. Other players can hurt players. You look at (Tomas) Holmstrom (Detroit), (Dean) McAmmond (Ottawa). Those two guys get knocked out of the playoffs and the player (Pronger) misses one game,” Simon said. “Then the same thing, if not twice, happens in the Vancouver-Anaheim game and nothing, not even a review. It’s decided that there’s no suspension. I don’t have great vision and I watched the tape, and I think the tape is self-explanatory. It shows what he did. It shows.”

(UPDATE : From Simon’s lips to Colin Campbell’s ears.)