How tenuous is the job status of Portland GM Kevin Pritchard? Let me put it this way ; even Raymond Domenech thinks he’s doom. The Oregonian’s John Canzano, hardly a stranger to the machinations of Blazers ownership, warns despite consecutive playoff appearances and the presence of Brandon Roy, “nobody of quality” will emerge to fill Pritchard’s shoes. Nothing stopping Isiah Thomas from requesting an interview, then.

The Blazers aren’t going to lure any general manager who currently has a good situation. They won’t be able to entice anyone who could wait around for, say, a year or two and find a better situation. They also won’t be able to easily draw from the vast pool of talent that is managed by LeGarie. So what we have here is an old-fashioned search for miscasts, retreads and the desperate.

Probably explains why the Blazers started the search prematurely and without much tact. Pritchard was quickly alerted by the media and friends in the business that candidates such as Oklahoma City’s Sam Presti were already being asked about their interest.

So how about it, Sammy? Ready to leave Kevin Durant’s side and take a three-year tour of professional hell?

The whisper around the league is that Allen is about to fire an executive that he developed and groomed and replace him with someone desperate enough to take the job.

Heaven help the next guy.