XM’s Ronnie Lane (above) has accomplished the impossible. He’s made Kevin Kennedy seem like a thoughtful, well-informed commentator.

Filling in for K-Squared alongside Rob Dibble this afternoon, the subject of the Nationals’ newly acquired Alfonso Soriano came up. Soriano, for those unaccustomed to reading newspapers or browsing the internet, has said that he’ll resist a move to the outfield.

Responded Lane, “Where was it written that they want him to go the outfield? Have they actually asked him?”

Either Lane couldn’t remember that Washington is already paying Jose Vidro a large sum, or he’s proposing that the Nationals become the first team in modern baseball to put 10 players on the field.

Later in the program, a caller rang in with effusive praise for Ned Colletti’s recent acquisitions in Los Angeles, adding “the great thing is, they’re not spending a ton of money to do it”. Neither Lane nor Dibble seem to think that Rafael Furcal’s 3 year, $39 million salary qualfies as a particularly outrageous amount — they said nothing of it. During the same call, Lane asked the listener if he’d “heard anything about the Jeff Weaver situation”. And after all, that’s why we subscribe to satellite radio — so Ronnie Lane can pick the brains of his vast, well-connected audience.