Of those troubled souls who turn up for games at the Nu Stadium donning number 13 Yankee jerseys, it’s tempting to assume they’re either blind loyalists. Or perhaps too cheap to opt for another jersey.  Or maybe all their presentable duds were in the laundry.   Instead of wondering aloud, the New York Times’ Zach Schonbrun investigates :

“I support New York,” said Chris Lala, 23, of Wayne, N.J. “It’s a sad situation, and it’s not what I would wish happened. But at the end of the day, he still puts on that uniform.”

And thus, so did Lala, proudly donning his No. 13 jersey, already almost 10 years old and fraying — somewhat symbolic of the aging player he came to cheer for.

On a beautiful morning, Lala was one of thousands in all types of Yankees paraphernalia. Vendors hawked Andy Pettitte jerseys. There was even a man dressed to look like Ichiro Suzuki, complete with the sideburns and cleats.

But the number of outward Rodriguez supporters, displaying his apparel, was relatively small. They seemed saddened to look around and notice their own dwindling numbers.

Few people posed in front of Rodriguez’s billboard-size visage fastened to the eastern exterior of the stadium.

Those fans who brought their apparel into the sunshine, however, did not waffle about it.

“Why single out A-Rod?” asked Howie, 68, of Fairlawn, N.J., who asked that his last name not be included.