I don’t wanna snitch on the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman, but it would appear as though he’s been sneaking columns into the Post under the all-too obvious psuedonym “Andrew Marchand”.

On Friday the YES-produced Ch. 9 telecast failed to even show the crowd’s reaction as Alex Rodriguez walked to the plate for his first at-bat in The Bronx since the epic “To boo or not to boo” debate peaked with Rudy from Manhattan taking a moment from plotting a presidential run to call WFAN.

Despite the monumental buildup, Ch. 9 chose a pitch-by-pitch replay of a Jason Giambi strikeout instead of A-Rod and the fans.

When Rodriguez was neatly tucked in the batter’s box, Michael Kay said, “Here is Alex Rodriguez, who just got a very warm hand from the crowd.”

Wow. That would have been nice to see and hear.

During Rodriguez’ second and third strolls to the plate, drop-in advertisements, voiced by Kay, superseded the crowd’s reaction.

While we couldn’t see or hear for ourselves, Kay and Bobby Murcer (above) informed (propagandized?) us that Yankee fans love Rodriguez and he works really, really hard. On Saturday, Kay said his “work ethic is amazing” and “it is not for show.”

On Friday, Murcer said there were “a lot of cheers tonight for Alex Rodriguez.” Kay told us, the fans were chanting “A-Rod’s” name.

But yesterday on YES, when Rodriguez struck out three times and the boos were easy to pick up from our couch, neither Kay nor Murcer somehow heard a thing.