The Wolfpack got Zipped, and NC State’s embattled coach…fights back the tears? Melts down? Auditions for a forthcoming Harvey Kupernick project? You be the judge!

While saying nothing to diminsh the challenged faced by any program whose coach passes away in the offseason, Northwestern might want to think very carefully before scheduling the Fighting Sununus again.

The newly launched site? Love the video highlights. The ads for car companies. Not so much the way it makes Safari crash every time the scoreboard is launched.

Note to Fisher DeBerry : next time, go for the tie. Unless of course, you don’t think you can find the sort of players that have the requisite speed to handle overtime

Bill McCartney was just on the phone. He’s pretty sure Syracuse would’ve scored on 5th down today.

Where Bill’s old team is concerned, maybe they should recruit some female players.