(Leonsis. Not shown : carving station, desert cart)

Not only is Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis providing selected bloggers with press credentials, but he’s also quite willing to entertain the nu-media in the owner’s box, as DC Sports Chick describes so eloquently.

Ted was so friendly and easygoing, but would you expect anything else? He made a point of introducing us to the others in the suite and played the role of host very well. Ted shared a lot of fascinating insights about the team and also about his outside projects, like his film starring Woody Harrelson. I asked Ted about his timeline for completing The List, since he already has about 75 things done. He said the deadline is death- at his funeral, the completed list will be passed out to everyone and they can read it and say, “I did #52, 61, and 77 with him.” It’s nice that while it’s Ted’s personal project, he includes others to do some of the items with him. I think that’s typical of Ted: he likes to have a good time, but wants to ensure that others enjoy themselves as well. And we certainly did!

The food was plentiful, and delicious; there was a carving station, roasted veggies, chicken tenders, salad, plus the usual popcorn and pretzels. And don’t get me started on the dessert cart! Cheesecakes, chocolate fudge cakes, bags of Gummi bears and jelly beans, cookies, caramel apples…it looked heavenly. Fred had a slice of Snickers cheeescake that he said was out of this world. Well, he didn’t exactly say it, just looked it. The ladies will know what I mean.

My one regret is that I forgot to do one big cheesy fan thing: get a picture with Ted. I really enjoyed meeting him and hope to run into him again soon.

Seems like it was a terrific night for everyone. And Leonsis sounds nothing like the guy who physically attacked one of his paying customers less than three years ago.