Because I wasn’t nearly masochistic enough to sit thru the entiriety of the undermanned Knicks’ latest capitulation — a 98-69 away defeat to Ben Gordon (23 points) and Da Bulls — my not-so-profound pick for Game Of The Night goes to the Shootout In Oklahoma City. The Hornets’ 103-100 OT win over the Clippers put the hosts within a game of 8th place Golden State, and dropped L.A. into potential lottery-land, 1/2 game behind the Warriors. New Orleans’ David West scored 33, including 6 in the extra frame, while Devin Brown (above, right) tallied a career-high 25, and Chris Paul double-doubled his way to 17 points and 10 assists.

You Go Live In Utah’s Amanda
observed the Mavs clinching home court advantage throughout the playoffs with their win over the Clippers Monday night, and says of Los Angeles’ Captain Caveman ;

I have disliked Chris Kaman for a while now but last night sealed the deal. I only regret that the widely ciculated story about him raising chickens for Christ is not true. I know I should go easy on him as it can’t be easy going through life looking like the byproduct of a gang bang between Edgar Winter, Danny Elfman and Jim Gaffigan.

While giving the Knicks center plenty of credit for improvement in ’06/’07, Newsday’s Alan Hahn argues it is still far too early to pronounce Isiah Thomas the winner in the Eddy Curry trade with Chicago.

Some of us like to let time take its course and view the entire body of work before we start promoting theories and ideas and even proclamations. Others like to jump the gun, from suggesting such things as Defensive Player of the Year consideration for Jared Jeffries (after one game!) to Coach of the Year honors for Isiah Thomas (for a sub-.500 record!). Why not Rookie of the Year for Stephon Marbury, while you’re at it? I mean, if his game has been “re-born” then, technically, he’s a rookie again, right?

It’s absurd to say the book can be closed on the Curry trade after one season and before the lottery for this year’s draft and before the Bulls select whomever they are going to select with the Knicks pick.