Does it really matter if the Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10 or 17-10 yesterday?  Your answer might well depend on whether or not you had loot riding on the outcome, writes the Las Vegas Journal’s Matt Youmans, while self-styled gamblin’ guru RJ Bell of declared “If the touchdown was properly upheld, Steelers bettors would have won about 32 million dollars instead of losing big. This admittedly incorrect call resulted in a 64 million dollar swing in favor of the bookies.”

There’s no shortage of wig-flipping about the latest dent to the NFL’s credibility, but I’d like to think had the outcome of the contest been in question, the relevant stats would’ve been amended.  There’s fantasy implications, too, the scariest being the willingness of a daily newspaper to indulge the easily outraged. Of course, as someone who started the Jets D last week, I can afford to be cavalier over someone else’s misfortune.