While the Washington Post’s Mark Maske credits Daniel Snyder’s uncharacteristic lack of meddling for the Redskins’ recent success, WaPo colleague Mike Jones hails former starting QB-turned-scout-team-coach Rex Grossman for his mentorship of rookie QB’s Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins.

Determined not to become a destructive force, Grossman has tried to find whatever way possible to contribute to the Redskins’ turnaround. The role bestowed upon him this season goes unnoticed by outsiders, but it carries great importance to the Redskins’ players and coaches.

“He’s been an invaluable help and probably as big a reason as the coaches’ work for why Robert has had the success he has,” said Cousins, who added that Grossman deserves credit for having aided Cousins’s successful relief performance for the injured Griffin against Baltimore and for his successful start the following week at Cleveland.

Said Grossman: “I got the message pretty early: ‘You’re to be there to help the young quarterbacks get better.’ I knew that going in. It’s been a pretty easy transition into that, minus my competitive spirit wanting to play. .?.?. I’ve found myself enjoying it a little bit, and enjoying the process of helping. I want to contribute, so that takes the place of that.”

Grossman has confidence that he can still start for an NFL team.

“There’s no doubt,” he said. “I feel like I’m better now than I was when I did start every game. The only time I did start every game, we were 15-4 and made it to the Super Bowl, and I feel like I’m a better quarterback than I was then.”