Sam Frank says the footage is “bananas” and the New York Times’ Lee Jenkins concurs.

Helix High School conveniently stores its old highlight tape of Reggie Bush (above) in the sports medicine center.

“You’ll see some stuff on here,” Helix Athletic Director Damon Chase cautioned, “that is really pretty sickening.”

Despite the lack of a warning label, the footage of Helix’s most aerodynamic alumnus can induce dizzy spells, even for that jaded viewer numbed by hours of cable highlight shows.

The tape includes eight minutes of cutbacks, jump stops, spin moves and slipped tackles that have not yet been broadcast on national television.

With limited sound and only one slow-motion replay, the tape acts as an underground treasure in Southern California. Watching it feels sort of like listening to a bootlegged copy of a Bob Dylan basement concert. “I don’t know who exactly has the tape right now,” Chase said. “But I know it’s been copied a lot.”