Man, who’d have suspected Michael Owen — possibly the least exciting sports personality east of David Wright — would go in for such a grisly revenge prank?  Probably not Stoke’s Kenwye Jones, who according to the Telegraph’s John Percy has decided another teammate is responsible for the pig head shown above turning up in his locker.

Jones is understood to have been furious after discovering the bloody carcass in his locker on Friday morning and threw a brick through the windscreen of Glenn Whelan’s car as revenge.

The picture of the pig was then posted on Instagram by American winger Brek Shea to heap embarrassment on Stoke, who have already begun an inquiry into the incident.

This latest practical joke comes days after Michael Owen’s Mercedes was pelted with eggs and flour, while it is understood other pranks have been taking place all week as Stoke prepare for their final game of the season.