(from left to right : Conscientious Objector, Skills Sets Jr., Mr. Caught Looking)

Today’s announcement by Omar Minaya that Willie Randolph will return as Mets skipper in 2008 will do little to mollify The Eddie Kranepool Society’s Steve Keane, who strongly advises the manager to “go back to his ways of his first year ; No Beards (even though I hate that rule) No Music (buy an iPod you Salsa loving losers).” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Maybe Mets fans should stage a protest march outside of Shea Stadium to show the Skill Sets how angry we are. How great would that be as the Skill Sets have their sit down with Omar Minaya as tens of thousands of Mets fans storm the stadium chanting “HEY, HEY HO, HO, OMAR AND WILLIE HAVE GOT TO GO and let Little Jeffey come out and say something so I can give him a œPetey eye (the dog on the Little Rascals with one black eye) and shove that e mail apology up his ass. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE SKILLS SETS.

If you™re a season ticket holder don™t mail in your money when they ask in fact how about we pay for our plans in pennies? (can™t you picture Jeffey going down to the Commerce Bank putting the pennies through the coin machine?) Why should we œhustle our money to the Skill Sets when their employees don™t give a rats ass about hustle? Oh and nice job by Carlos Delgado walking out of Shea with a Derek Jeter jersey under his arm, next season I™m going to sit by first base with a t-shirt that say œSAY YES TO BOMB TESTING IN VIEQUES and see how he likes that.